The Dead Nobodies


Hello everybody, 


Our album, "Ride in with Death," is out. Buy it, tell your friends, and remember to turn it up! We have some new t-shirt designs for sale as well that you can order through this website if you can't make it to one of our shows. They look sick. Anyway, we've been out playing live and sort of learning our songs over again since our new drummer, Kaleb Duff, joined a few months ago. Everything is sounding good and we're very excited to see where we can go with these songs. The response from listeners has been very positive which pumps us up when we play live. Lately we've been learning more cover songs just for the pure fact that playing a cover is a challenge that in the end makes you a better musician and a better band, so we are working on a few surprises that we think you'll love. Don't forget to join our mailing list! See you all at the shows.